Peter Annel
Senior Manager Service

+49 (0) 68 98 / 6 92 - 5612
Peter Annel

Service at Dürr Assembly Products - Service to the customer’s benefit

We do not intend to leave you, our clients, out in the cold after commissioning of your new system has been carried out. Rather, we want to ensure that you receive continuous support thanks to our long-term experience and detailed knowledge regarding our products.

Dürr Assembly Products’ service sector is the first contact for the classical domains ‘Spare Parts Sale’ and ‘Repair Service’. Here, the in-time delivery of original spare parts is ensured and, in case of repairs, the competent maintenance of the defective component is organized. What is more, our qualified personnel is at your disposal for any needed advice.
But the services we offer go well beyond this.
In emergencies, e.g. a defect leading to system downtime, our emergency service offers fast and precise support 24 hours a day/7days a week. From an initial advisory service over the telephone to due-in-time and on-site assignment of a service technician.

Our wide range of services for the different product areas offers you the possibility to optimize the system’s availability, to avoid downtimes and to optimize cycle times - all in order to permanently ensure the sustainability of your systems. We provide the certainty that with testing services offered by DAP’s specialist staff and certified measuring systems the permanent machine capability of your systems will be ensured.

In case of an individual requirement for optimization we provide advice with analysis and diagnosis packages.

Another service package of our department includes trainings and workshops. We deliver an interesting insight into the technology of our products, taking into account your individual requirements and offering selectively composed special packages. The training courses can take place at Dürr Assembly Products GmbH or directly at your facility. Participants receive a certificate after each training.